Dé beste software voor kwaliteits- en risicomanagement.

Zenya API

Zenya is the best software for both quality management and risk management. It is a modular platform with all the tools you could want. Four modules, extremely powerful on their own and even stronger together:

  • Zenya BOOST for reaching and activating large group of employees
  • Zenya CHECK for audits, question lists and surveys
  • Zenya DOC for document management
  • Zenya FLOW for case management (incidents, compliants, improvement measures, issues and so on)
  • Zenya RISK for risk management

The foundation was laid more than 20 years ago. Today, Zenya provides an easy-to-use, integrated risk and quality management system. A system enjoyed by more than 1 million professionals every day.

Zenya contains a range of API’s, allowing other systems to interact with Zenya, for purposes like enterprise search, digital workplace and user management. Please note that developing your own Zenya integration is often not necessary. Various out-of-the-box integrations are available. 

API Overview

This diagram shows the modular architecture of Zenya. Click on a module to get more information about its purpose, and to see which API’s are available for interaction with this module.

Front-end for end users

Retrieval of content stored in Zenya is easy, using aggregate API features like keyword search, portals and personalized lists like “My tasks” and “My favorites”, which cover all Zenya modules.

Zenya modules

In addition to the system-wide API features like search, individual Zenya modules provide additional API’s for retrieval, creation and modification of data stored in the module.


All Zenya modules share a common foundation which takes care of authentication, user management and so on.


The Zenya API is an inseparable part of Zenya. No additional licensing is required in order to use the API’s.
Customers with an active support & maintenance subscription for Zenya have access to updates to Zenya software, which can include improvements to the API.

Software updates

The information provided on this website does reflect the API features of the most recent version of Zenya, currently being version 7.0.0. Roll-out of this version to customers has started on July 3, 2023.

Although most customers make use of Zenya SaaS, and therefore are always up-to-date, you can still encounter an on-premise installation of Zenya.
Customers running Zenya on-premises might not yet use the most recent version. This includes versions < 6.0 which can be recognized by the old product name “iProva”. Older versions of Zenya / iProva have a different (more limited) API feature set. 

You can find out which Zenya version the customer is running by opening the menu on the left and then clicking the “Application management” menu link in the Zenya user interface. The version is now displayed at the bottom of the page.

Each Zenya API also contains a way to retrieve the version of Zenya. Starting with version 5.5, you can browse to /api/  in each Zenya tenant (for example: https://organisation.zenya.work/api/). This page will give you access to local API resources and it will also inform you if the customer’s Zenya is outdated and should be updated in order to take profit of all current API features.

You can find the changes and new REST API routes that we added for every Zenya version on our Public Infoland Github. 


Customers with an active support & maintenance subscription for Zenya are entitled to support on the Zenya API.

Support is limited to inquiries about unexpected error messages and other API malfunctions.
Customers also have access to software updates which might include API improvements or bugfixes.

This kind of support can be requested via Infoland Support.
When you are working as an (external) developer for a customer, please be aware that Infoland Support will only accept service requests from their known contact persons; please ask your customer to contact Infoland Support for you.

A support & maintenance subscription does not include programming guidance, assistance in solution design, or debugging of your code. Such services are only available as paid services.

  • Is your organization already using Zenya and do you need additional services regarding the Zenya API or other integration features?
    Contact your account manager for more information or send us an e-mail.
  • Are you an independent software vendor, interested in integrating your solution with Zenya ?
    Feel free to contact us.

API deprecation

We are continuously expanding the Zenya REST API’s. Most of our old API’s based on WCF or SOAP technology now have modern REST counterparts. Therefore, we decided to deprecate most our WCF and SOAP API’s. 

Deprecated API’s are marked as such on this website.  You can also use this list of deprecated routes/functions, which is helpful when you need to do a quick impact analysis on existing integration projects.