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Planning and task scheduling

The planning and task scheduling modules in Zenya help organizations to schedule recurring tasks (for example: monthly safety rounds, weekly device calibration) and provide a visual overview of all planned activities regarding quality, risk and safety management.

Task scheduling features are included with Zenya DOC, FLOW, CHECK and RISK.
A visual planning overview is included with Zenya CHECK.

Available API’s

A REST API is available for interaction with task schedules.


The REST API for task schedules can be used to accomplish the scenario’s listed below:

  • Use the schedules route to retrieve information about task schedules.

General API usage information
Overview of important information for consumers of the Zenya REST API, with topics like versioning, verbs, status codes, authentication and error handling.

Change log
Overview of changes and announced deprecations regarding the Zenya REST API.

Our code samples on GitHub show you how to get started with the Zenya REST API.

API Reference 
A detailed reference for this API is provided in Swagger format.

Please note that the Swagger reference is also present in each customer’s iProva tenant. You can find it by adding /api to the URL of the customer’s Zenya tenant. For example: https://organisation.zenya.work/api

In order to interact with the Swagger reference, you need to access the Swagger in the customer’s Zenya, and you need valid credentials for the customer’s Zenya.