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All kinds of reports can be created in Zenya, varying from detailed list reports to reports with graph and pivot data.


Available API’s

API’s for reporting are available, independent of the Zenya modules which are licensed.
The API allows listing the available reports and downloading a specific report as a PDF document (Excel/Word downloads aren’t available yet).
Currently it is only possible to download a report without “runtime” filter options, meaning that all filter options have to be set in the report definition.


The REST API for Reporting can be used to accomplish the scenario’s listed below:

  • Listing all available reports, or list all reports in the scope of a specific portal
  • Retrieving details about a specific report
  • Downloading a specific report

General API usage information
Overview of important information for consumers of the Zenya REST API, with topics like authentication.

Change log
Overview of changes and announced deprecations regarding this API.

Our code samples on GitHub show you how to get started with the Zenya REST API.

API Reference
A detailed reference for this API is provided in Swagger format.

Please note that the Swagger reference is also present in each customer’s Zenya tenant. You can find it by adding /api to the URL of the customer’s Zenya tenant. For example: https://organisation.zenya.work/api

In order to interact with the Swagger reference, you need to access the Swagger in the customer’s Zenya, and you need valid credentials for the customer’s Zenya.